New Single "Canto de Xangô"

The idea was to record one of the afro-sambas of the the album "Afrosambas" (1966) of Vinicius de Moraes and Baden Powell. I grew up listening to their music, in fact I even new Vinicius de Moraes first as a poet end writer than as a musician and Ingmar Sterke who made the arrangement for this single is strongly influenced by the music of Baden Powell. The result is this beautiful version of "Canto de Xangô" (The chant of Shango) that is now available in all digital plataforms. Shango (Ṣàngó in Yoruba language) is the orisha of justice, lightning, thunder and fire and it is considered one of the most powerful rulers in Yorubaland.

You can listen to it and buy it in all digital platforms, including: