Las niñas del agua

Music and storytelling

Our stories are brought together by the waters, through the waves of the sea. We are born in different countries Brazil, Spain and Germany and some of us crossed the waters of our homeland to meet in The Netherlands and here we combine our music and our stories forming this beautiful project: Las niñas del agua. With our project we share with all people our stories and the stories of many other giving them a soundtrack.

Line up:

Ivy Lemos - voice
Vera Naus - voice
Alexandra Cárdenes - voice

Ivy Lemos is Brazilian and she started her music education in Belém do Pará - Brazil. She lived in many different cities and currently lives in Rotterdam where she graduated in Latin Music at the Conservatory of Rotterdam - Codarts.

Alexandra Cárdenes was born in Gran Canaria - Spain. At the age of 9 years old she started her musical studies at the “Conservatorio profesional de Canarias”­­­­­­­. In 2012 she decided to move to The Netherlands for improving her knowledge of the Historical Performance. She studied modern harpsichord at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and currently studies at The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague.

Vera Naus was born in December 1990, music and especially singing have always been her passion. At the age of eleven she started taking classical singing lessons (after several years of piano, flute and bass lessons), but soon discovered that she preferred jazz music. That is why two years later she decided to start having private singing lessons with Regina Mester. From the year 2004 on she played with different bands and musicians in various genres and also started writing original songs. After graduating from high school in Germany, where she was born and raised, she decided to move to her parents’ native county: The Netherlands. In 2014 she graduated from the Conservatory of Utrecht and in 2017 from the Master’s program at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, both cum laude.