Ivy Lemos Trio

De Braziliaanse zangeres Ivy Lemos werd geboren in Castanhal-Pará. Zij leefde in Belém en São Paulo voordat zij naar Rotterdam trok. Haar multiculturele achtergrond en passie voor jazz en wereldmuziek klinken onder andere door in haar trio. Hierin wordt zij aangevuld door de Nederlandse chromatische mondharmonicaspeler Armand van Wijck en de Portugese gitarist Tiago Lageira. Ook zij nemen hun invloeden mee naar de sprankelende, vocale latin jazz die dit bijzondere trio speelt, vol wiegende bossa novas en Cubaanse jazzthema’s.


Ivy Lemos – vocalen
Armand van Wijck – chromatische mondharmonica
Tiago Lageira – gitaar

Ivy Lemos & Ingmar Sterke

Ivy Lemos and Ingmar sterke met at the Conservatory of Rotterdam and they both share their love for the choro and samba music and they are strongly influenced by  great Brazilian composers as Cartola, Candeia, Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, Vinicius de Moraes, Baden Powell, Chico Buarque and Hamilton de Holanda. In 2015 they decided to put this project together for this beautiful music of Brazil.


Ivy Lemos - voice
Ingmar Sterke - guitar

Ivy Lemos and Tiago Lageira

Ivy Lemos, singer born in Brazil which apart from vocals also plays traditional percussion instruments such as Berimbau and Pandeiro. Ivy plays along Tiago Lageira - a new emerging European talent, this fresh graduate jazz guitarist at the Conservatory in Tilburg. Finalist of the Erasmus Jazz Prize ' 17 (Coolhaven Quintet), Bergen Op Zoom Jazz Award "17 and the Cantina Music Award 2017. Together they play Latin Music like Boleros, Sambas, Choros, Bossa Novas and latin jazz improvisations.


Ivy Lemos - voice and percussion
Tiago Lageira - guitar

Las niñas del agua

Music and storytelling

Our stories are brought together by the waters, through the waves of the sea. We are born in different countries Brazil, Spain, Germany and Portugal and some of us crossed the waters of our homeland to meet in The Netherlands and here we combine our music and our stories forming this beautiful project: Las niñas del agua. With our project we share with all people our stories and the stories of many other giving them a soundtrack.

Ivy Lemos - voice
Vera Naus - voice
Patricia Vintém - voice
Alexandra Cárdenes - voice