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Long live the sound! Viva o som! Music is about the message. It can be given by a melody, by a rhythm or a text, but the most important thing is that there must always be a kernel of truth in it. Ivy can help anyone develop their skills so they can tell their truth.
As a Brazilian born and raised she has the foreknowledge, love and understanding of her own music but she also likes different types of music such as: Cuban, Flamenco, Indian, Jazz, Rock, Pop etc. She graduated in World Music at the Conservatory of Rotterdam in addition to her own Music Education. Sound is her passion and sound is everywhere. It comes from our own bodies, from the rain, wind, birds and instruments made by humans. Ivy teaches the basics of music. Music is everywhere and everyone can express themselves through music. That is why she teaches music to people of all ages (from 0 to 120 years).

She teaches in her native language - Portuguese, but also in Dutch, English and Spanish

For music lessons in The Hague (mention that you want lessons from Ivy)

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